Book Review – Throne of the Crescent Moon, book one of the Crescent Moon Kingdoms by @saladinahmed

Throne of The Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed was plain outstanding and will go down as one of the best books of the year. That’s not just my opinion either. I have read a few reviews and I have to agree with what the critics have almost unanimously said.

Not to overuse what many reviews say, but I feel it needs to be repeated. This book is Sword and Sorcery – it is what S&S should be!

Throne is set in a quasi Arabian world (think Aladdin) where magic abounds. Prayer is the ignition for most of these miracles and one’s own life force is often the catalyst. And then there is the darker side.

Ghuls, are animated dead (well usually dead) that are given great strengths and serve their masters obediently. Raising the dead in the form of a ghul is a heinous act, often costing the victims their very souls. Of course the monsters who employ such fiends must be stopped! That is where Makhsloud steps in.

Dr. Adoulla Mahkslood is a ghul hunter. He is old and wants to retire. “Too bad” says Saladin Ahmed! Poor old doctor has to go out and find who killed a family that was close to him using ghuls to do their dirty work. This drags him into a story with many players including a man who wants to usurp the throne for the good of the kingdom, his apprentice who is quite the holy warrior, and a bestial lion girl with claws of silver.

It all makes for a great story! There are a few religious currents to the book. The author is Muslim and his writing really helps show how similar the different faiths of the world are. There is even a bit of atheism, which I found refreshing. Although the events of this book are entirely fantastical, some bits really make you think about real life current events.

I am giving this read 5 out of 5 stars as I absolutely loved it! Thank you Saladin for bringing me along on another great fantasy adventure.

You can buy it here:


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