Bad Victor Gollancz Publishing!

I’m ticked. I just found out that Victor Gollancz Publishing (@gollancz on twitter) has cancelled the hardback edition of the last book of a series I have been reading and patiently awaiting to complete my collection of. The Night of the Swarm by Robert V. S. Redick promises to be an awesome culmination to an epic fantasy series, but Gollancz/The Orion Group has decided to snub its most dedicated customers – the collectors of their authors’ fine works – by cancelling the hardcover edition.

Haven’t heard of Robert V.S. Redick? Don’t take my word on how awesome he is, go check out fantasybookcritic and read Liviu’s reviews of The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Rats and the Ruling Sea, and The River of Shadows. Then get pissed at VG for doing this and let them know. Perhaps it’s not too late for them to change this decision…


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  1. Nate says:

    In case anyone is interested to know, I just emailed Gollancz and here is what I wrote:

    Hi Mark,

    I found out about Robert V.S. Redick through a blog site ( and read the reviews of his three books there. I was intrigued by their write-ups and bought the audiobook versions of all three via Audible. While listening to The Red Wolf Conspiracy as I laid out a patio in my backyard, I fell in love with the story in so many ways and even wrote a blog post on it (which I don’t do for most of the books I read). As a collector of fantasy, I immediately had to get the hardcovers of this fantastic series. Through months of searching ABE Books and eBay I ended up with a (in)complete set up to that point in time. I placed my pre-order for the last book as soon as I found out it was available.

    Last week I got an email from Amazon UK telling me The Night of the Swarm was no longer available in hardcover format and won’t be according to the publisher. I was shocked. I posted a question on Rob’s blog if this could be true. A couple days later I got a response and he confirmed the sad news. Today, I had been thinking on it and decided, MAYBE there was something I could do. So I wrote a blog post about how pissed/ticked off I was at Victor Gollancz/The Orion Group for doing this to us – both the author and his fans. I then spammed most of the social network sites I use (twitter/facebook/reddit/goodreads) and asked the few followers I have and other authors I chat with on occasion to retweet my blog post/tweets.

    The rest is history – I got a bunch of hits thanks mostly to The Fantasy Book Critic and Mark Lawrence. I don’t know if you received any emails from others about this or not. I hope you did, but most people don’t usually care about these things enough to make a complaint, so you probably didn’t.

    I don’t know if putting your email as the person to contact was correct, but based on Orion’s contact us page I thought you might be the right person or at least someone who could make a difference. Anyway, I don’t mean to be a jerk in my chastising, and you probably aren’t the one I should even point my disappointment at. I hope I haven’t come off rudely – I’m just a rather dedicated but disappointed customer who feels he and one of his favorite authors are getting the shaft.

    If there is any way you (Orion/Victor Gollancz) can produce a hardcover edition of The Night of the Swarm by Robert V.S. Redick I would be happy. I imagine others would be as well. I’d pay three times the normal price – as is evidenced by me paying top dollar for books 1, 2, and 3! I paid XXX USD for The Red Wolf Conspiracy and according to what others are asking for a like copy, I got a deal! If Gollancz can’t publish it in hardcover format then how about having a smaller house like Subterranean Press release it in a limited edition? Limited editions from them typically go for 50 to 300 dollars or more depending on if interior artwork is included or not and of course its desirability. It just really stinks that I have the first three books on my shelf of favorites, but the last book won’t ever join them. Please consider this request. I know you are a business and you need to make a profit – I’m a smart and reasonable guy.

    The last thing I wanted to say is, Rob did NOT ask or condone ANY of my actions. This is strictly ME being an upset consumer.

    Nathan Washor

  2. I can’t believe a publishing house would cancel the hardback edition of a final book that would complete a series. I hope they change their mind regarding the situation, and they ship you a “FREE signed” copy for your obvious customer loyalty and free advertising that you are currently providing on your blog (your post) Please keep me posted, and let me know how things turn out!

    1. Nate says:

      Hah! That would be nice but I don’t need a free copy and I wouldn’t want Rob to lose out on a sale. I’m happy to pay for it. I hope they do release a limited edition in the future that is in the same style as the previous books. Their artwork was beautiful and to be honest the artwork is probably the main reason I collect hardcovers in the first place. If I was only interested in the words, I’d be paperback or eBook all the way! I won’t lie, I also like showing off my rather impressive collection. I suppose we all need a vice or three!

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